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Once upon a time, a Buddhist monk was traveling around from place to place.

As he reached a seaside village, he felt hungry and tired. He knocked on the door of a house in the village to ask for some food. Upon seeing the shabby-looking monk, however, the owner of the house slammed the door in his face. The Buddhist priest moved on to other houses, but he only met with a cold response from all villagers. Feeling bitter about the cold-hearted people, he continued to walk.

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At the end of the village, he saw a rundown thatched cottage. The monk chanted a Buddhist prayer when an old woman came out from the small house.

Tea Time Tales #1 The Enchanted Stag

She greeted the monk warmly and offered some food. He was impressed by the kind woman, who tried to treat a passing visitor well with her humble food. The stone Buddha statue at the entrance of the village will shed tears of blood some day. I strongly recommend you to evacuate to higher ground if that happens, since this village will be destroyed by a natural disaster.


Tea Room Tales

Please take care of yourself. The old woman thought it very strange, but she went to the entrance of the village every day to check if something unusual happened to the stone Buddha statue there. But, no one believed the far-fetched story. They laughed at the old woman and simply ignored her warning. A group of people even found this situation intriguing and decided to play trick on her.

One generation removed, still connected

They secretly painted a red color under the eyes of the stone Buddha. They were excited at the thought of watching the old woman rushing to the mountaintop even though nothing happened.

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Soon, the old lady found something red on the face of the stone Buddha. Another year passes There's always a bit of sadness when another winter closing approaches. Despite the festive season and the need for us all to rest up after another hectic year, we will miss all of our friends and visitors.

Its been another enjoyable year.

Tea Time Tales with Des Dillon - Oban Town Diary Oban Town Diary

That long, warm summer brought people out to Appledore and many ended up joining us for tea and cake. There have been several changes in Appledore. Lots of new faces have moved into the village as people move on. Some older, formally un-cared for buildings are being seriously upgraded making the village even more attractive for residents and visitors alike. We all look forward to seeing you all in January and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe, healthy and enjoyable New Year.

The Sun's Out, the Sky's Blue Hasn't it been a great summer so far?

Tutu Tales Royal Tea Party 12222

Appledore has been lovely. Nearby Rye has a Jazz and Blues Festival before the main Rye Festival with its programme of more classical music, readings and events. So why not join us this August and September We were very concerned that we seem to have upset a couple of intrepid Trip Advisers.

We all try so hard to please!

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