Manual Mother Sorrow, Op. 15, No. 4

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Any tips on how to afford it, or ways to make it happen otherwise?

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It's what, k per ring to upgrade if you buy the mats on PC NA anyway? Follow your gold grind of choice new DLC furniture plans or motifs are perennial solid choices, as is mat farming.

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If you are trying to grind up the mats organically, good luck. The grind is insane. Thrice Empress, Forever Scrub. June The price to do it is outrageous and the stat increase, miniscule.

Mother Sorrow, Op. 15, No. 4 Sheet Music by Edvard Grieg

Its not worth it. Heck, just getting enough purple grains to upgrade blue jewellery is bad enough I should have just kept grinding dolmens.

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Edited by Aurielle on June 26, AM. Not worth it IMO.

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  • I'm still using blue jewelry on a few pieces. Once the prices come down, or ZOS realized the mistake they made by requiring 10X the mats on jewelry, I may upgrade mine.

    You might be confusing a want with a need. If you have deep pockets, knock yourself out, but there is no greater waste of gold currently. Dont do it. Maybe in a couple years.

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    Need is a very strong word. Just wait a few months, prices will start to drop at some point.

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    Gore, who appeared with Ms. When Joan tries to describe her visions in a pasture to her mother, and the heightening of the senses that accompanies them, she memorably cites the suddenly exaggerated sound of sheep grinding their teeth. And when Isabelle follows her daughter to the court of the Dauphin, her encounter with a well-intentioned but patronizing noblewoman a deft Elizabeth Aspenlieder acquires added piquancy when the well-born lady insists on washing the reeking feet of her visitor. Packer glowing righteously in protective Mother Bear mode, as she struggles to save her daughter from the stake.

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