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Three years ago, her sister Margo went missing. Despite [ But Terry has his own ideas on how to get his daughter back. A master forger and thief, Terry devises a master plan to save his daughter, and keep the priceless piece of art to himself. A deadly game of cat and mouse is about to begin, and the stakes are high.


With [ Strange runes painted on her door and carved onto ancient stones in a stone circle, hint at a dark undercurrent of tragedy and intrigue, and she is caught up in the village's [ Grace hasn't done this work since she almost killed a man who'd murdered his daughter four years ago. She quit the FBI and gave up drinking, retiring to her home in South Carolina where generations of [ Book: Deception - Missing Presumed Dead by Barbara Joan Warren Their parents paid the ransom - the kidnappers released one child.

Haunted by her sister's desperate cries, Tess Howard spent twenty-four years searching for Rhona. Now, reunited at last, the sisters unearth a mystery that could cost them their lives. A ruthless killer. A rookie P. Jake Abraham just got his first client - a disgraced former police captain whose daughter has disappeared. When the girl shows up dead, Jake is drawn into a dangerous world of organised crime, police corruption, infidelity and serial murder.

With a terrified city in the grip of a brutal killer who's always one step ahead of the police, Jake [ Jameson Quinn is sick of trying to find herself in the big city. After a gallery opening ends in a trip to the ER and an argument with her self-involved boyfriend, she decides to take off for the peace and quiet of a small town - Ruth Valley.

The small town has everything Brooklyn lacked: simple people, peaceful surroundings, and a feeling of safety. Jameson even finds the [ He undergoes initial struggle to cope up with the new atmosphere, however as the days progress, he gets new friends and wins his close friend.

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At the end of the year due to certain choices and decision, he misses his close friend. After Reading [ Book: Pendant by M. Hamilton A field trip gone awry. A student gone missing. Haunted by a teacher's worst nightmare for more than a decade, Elaine finally stumbles onto a vital clue--and discovers someone will do anything to keep the truth buried.

When her life is threatened, she allows the one person she trusts to whisk her away to safety in Texas. But assuming a false identity and hiding among the quirky residents of a [ Burton Following an air accident, solicitor Tom Wenham is left in a coma.

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Believing that she has no alternative, his wife Sarah, who is also a partner in their law practice, reluctantly agrees that the machine keeping him alive should be turned off. Afterwards, her conscience nags at her and she constantly questions her decision. Feeling grief-stricken, she builds a thick wall of ice around her emotions [ Roy's wife Dolores tells everyone Roy left her, which satisfies the authorities.

Case closed. But why is Dolores digging in the back yard? And why has a crew shown up to pour a concrete slab out back? Thea Gallas [ Book: Mrs. Hannah never imagined her high school service project with the elderly would draw her into another mystery. Tedesco, a lonely widow who loves to bake, has just one request - that the teen retrieve her cookbook from her old house. Easier said than done. The house has been ransacked and the coveted cookbook is nowhere to be found. Eager to help the [ The Engelman's, a rich and powerful family resided in a mansion in Upstate New York.

Once married to Philip Fischer, Katrina found herself in a small town in Tennessee without the wealth of her birthright. After the death of their parents, Kirtland, the brother of Katrina, took over the powerful position in the Engelman household [ A missing child. The diabolic father who will do anything to get his son back. The female cop who risks everything to keep the boy safe.

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All bets are off when during a [ Bassett Don't wait until you need it to read it! No family is immune to the dangers of sex trafficking, as our family discovered on May 25th, when our daughter Sam jumped from her second-story window and disappeared into the dark. As we scrambled over the next 17 hours to discover what had led to her jumping, who was involved, where she was, and what we needed to do after finding her; we discovered [ The wicked world of trafficking children crashes a quiet morning marketplace and frantically plunges Alex Julian into the arms of the only man who will help find her missing baby.

Nick Diamond, hardnosed and elusive, can't resist the allure of Alex's dilemma and the horror of trafficking stolen children. Can they find little Jenni before she is sold and adopted?

Max, or Phil, which is an obvious nick-name for him is a mild-mannered Private Investigator on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who keeps in shape by regular attendance at the Gym, and long distance running. An heiress is reported as kidnapped, and it is Max's job to find her in [ Book: Aliens Within Our Own Selves by Ruth Ann Friend Daily Living with Extraterrestrials: This book is based on true events and is a phenomenal story of two people living in a dual consciousness by finding out that they both had been chosen by the ETs as companions. This was about living a secret life and keeping records of their experiences together until the ETs told us the purpose of this.

The ETs want us to speak the truth for them using the [ As Fascism rises and falls, a Spanish architect, a young librarian, and an Italian prince are entangled in a web of passion and espionage.

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Cook; read by Traber Burns. A family patriarch is murdered on the eve of signing a new will. In Book II of the Night Song Trilogy —the sequel to Love is Red —the past and present collide in a stunning, suspenseful supernatural saga of revenge that will appeal to fans of Outlander as well as more literary, horror-driven thrillers like Bird Box.

Tim Johnston, whose breakout debut Descent was called "astonishing," "engulfing," and "outstanding" by national media, returns with The Current , a tour de force about the indelible impact of a crime on the lives of innocent people. Edited by Joyce Carol Oates, a queenpin of the noir genre, this stylistically diverse collection will make you squirm in your seat, stay up at night, laugh out loud, and inevitably wish for more.

From one of the most acclaimed writers of our time comes a horrifying tale about a young boy kidnapped by a sadistic killer and sexual predator known only as Daddy Love, a part-time reverend whose twisted desires know no bounds. A Dancer in the Dust Thomas H. Cook; read by Ray Chase. Dancing Aztecs Donald E. A hot hustler is searching for a million-dollar Aztec sculpture that is accidentally mixed with cheap plaster copies.

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From Harlem to Greenwich, a motley cast chases the lost piece. The third of five volumes collecting the stories of Jules de Grandin, the supernatural detective made famous in the classic pulp magazine Weird Tales. To clear her name he must discover who set her up, and what happened during the two minutes of a Nantucket eclipse.

Dark Winter by Anthony J. Tata; read by Jonathan Davis. In a blistering scenario almost too close to the headlines, former Brigadier General A. Tata delivers a chillingly authentic glimpse of tomorrow's wars—and the anonymous hackers who hold the fate of the world at their fingertips. The anthology is edited by John-Henri Holmberg, a writer and close friend of Larsson. Three generations of Irish nobles face their family secrets in this spellbinding novel from the award-winning author of the Boleyn King trilogy. With ingenuity, intelligence, and wit, debut novelist Tim Mason has created a powerfully entertaining thriller.

Hannah was the kind of woman who turned heads. Tall and graceful, naturally pretty, often impulsive, always spirited, the upper class girl who picked, of all men, Lovell?


After a magical honeymoon they settled in the suburbs to raise their two children. A taut, provocative mystery with an African backdrop and a telling psychological portrait of a man and a nation haunted by the past. This brilliantly atmospheric suspense novel revolves around a Cape Town detective racing to solve a terrifying series of murders.

In the brilliant sequel to Field of Blood, reporter Paddy Meehan is riding high on the success of solving the Brian Wilcox case. Then an encounter with a mysterious blonde who later turns up dead draws Paddy into a web of violence and greed. A master of the modern psychological thriller, internationally bestselling author John Katzenbach is an unrivaled investigator of that most primal human motive—revenge.

A tense, penetrating novel, The Dead Student follows a young man set on avenging the uncle who saved his life, no matter the consequences. The streets of Victorian London are clothed in shadows and secrets in Tessa Harris's gripping new mystery featuring flower seller Constance Piper.