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Animals can carry diseases. They may put you at greater risk for infection while your immune system is recovering. Be sure to protect yourself from bites or scratches.

If you have an aquarium and need to clean it yourself, protect yourself by wearing gloves. If you have a cat or dog at home, follow the additional guidelines below until your doctor gives you other instructions. Have it spayed or neutered. You can have close physical contact with people in your immediate family. Your family members and close friends should get a yearly flu shot. Call your doctor right away if you or any other family member is exposed to chickenpox, shingles, measles, or German measles rubella. Take regular walks outside, but avoid dirty areas and construction sites.

Walking is an excellent way to regain your strength and endurance.

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Avoid taking public transportation such as a train or bus for at least 3 months after your transplant. We understand you may need to take a taxi, car service, or other transportation such as Access-a-Ride to return for follow-up visits.

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We recommended that you wear a mask when traveling by this means. You can swim in the ocean after you regain your strength and are more active. Pay attention to alerts from the local health department. Make sure that the pool is chlorinated.

How We Chose the Best Cold Medicine

Platelets are blood cells that help form clots and control bleeding. You may be discharged with a low platelet count. It can take weeks or months for your body to make normal numbers of platelets. You may need to have platelet transfusions. Signs of a low platelet count include skin changes, bleeding, or both.

Skin changes may include a lot of bruising or petechiae peh-TEE-kee-ee. You may see them on your lower legs or the insides of your ankles.


Allergic rhinitis: Your nose knows

Other symptoms of a low platelet count may include bleeding from your gums or nose. If you go home with any of these symptoms and they increase in amount or frequency, call your doctor. It may mean that your platelet count has changed. Stay calm and follow the guidelines below for the type of injury. The time it takes to recover after a transplant varies. The time after your transplant is a time of cell recovery and growth. The cells in your mouth, stomach, intestine, hair, and muscles will all regrow.

This requires calories and energy. You may feel more tired than you expected. Remember, this fatigue and weakness is normal. Each week, you should feel stronger. Around the 3 rd month after your transplant, your hair will start growing more quickly.

Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu (To Help Recover Faster)

You may feel well enough to start going back to your usual level of activity. From this point on, you will probably feel better and better. For most people, however, the first 2 to 3 months to 1 year after transplant remain a time of recovery. It will probably take time for you to regain your strength. It may be helpful to follow a regular exercise plan. When you start to exercise, start with easy exercises. Your physical therapist can help you decide what type of exercise is right for you.

As you feel ready, ask your doctor how to increase your exercise. Some hobbies, such as woodworking, painting, and model building, use products that can be toxic. Always work in a room with plenty of fresh air. Keep the windows open. Use nontoxic paints and glue. If you have questions or concerns about resuming any of your hobbies, ask your doctor. The earliest you can go back to school or work is 2 to 4 months from the time of your transplant.

This time frame can vary from person to person and depends on many things. You may feel ready to return right away, or you may be worried about returning after being away for so long. It may help to start slowly. For example, start with a schedule of half days or 3 days a week. Most people tell us that thinking about returning is almost harder than actually doing it.

Making the transition back to your usual lifestyle can be hard. It may take time to get used to changes in the way you look. Hair loss, for example, is very hard for many people. Or, you may have trouble concentrating or maintaining your attention span. You may not be able to keep up your former pace. Your transplant team is here to talk with you about going back to school or work.

You can speak to a social worker, nurse, psychiatrist, or your doctor. Kids affected by sleep apnea may be irritable and have difficulty concentrating, particularly in school and with homework. According to the U. Some of them startle you awake when they sense you are snoring. Unfortunately, they may only work because they keep you awake! Football players wear them during the game to breathe easier while running a play or making a tackle. Some people wear these breathing strips to try to stop snoring. Other snoring solutions include tilting the top of a bed upward a few inches, changing sleeping positions from the back to a side , and not eating a heavy meal or for an adult, not drinking alcohol before bedtime.

He or she might tell you how to keep your nasal passages clear and will check your tonsils and adenoids to be sure they aren't enlarged and don't have to be removed. It works by decreasing the brain activity that causes coughing.

Runny Nose in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost

By contrast, guaifenesin, the active ingredient often paired with dextromethorphan, is an expectorant that helps break up the mucus that can build in your chest with a cold. Guaifenesin is a proven expectorant, but is still second to plain water. So if you can deal with your symptoms, the best and safest course of action is simply to rest and stay hydrated to help your body actually defeat the virus causing these symptoms. If you have to take medication, be sure to target only the symptom s that is causing you the most trouble.

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Even if you are suffering from multiple symptoms, experts recommend avoiding multi-symptom medication. Whether you take capsules or liquid, multisymptom cold medicines are basically the same as taking a regular strength Tylenol acetaminophen with a light dose of cough suppressant and either a nasal decongestant or antihistamine in the case of the nighttime formula.

It could be that they contain added amounts of the same ingredients in OTC drugs, which could trigger an overdose , or that they can interact adversely with the drugs in your medicine cabinet. Children under age 4 should never be given over-the-counter cold meds. A FDA meeting on the safety and effectiveness of cough and cold drug use in children revealed that there were many reports of harm in kids under age 4.

Side effects of decongestants and antihistamines in particular included convulsions, rapid heart rates and in some cases, death.

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Vitamin C is well known to support a healthy immune system, but the idea that it actually alleviates cold symptoms is a myth. There is, however, some evidence that zinc nasal sprays in particular can permanently damage your sense of smell. The best way to recover from a cold is with rest and hydration. While both seem obvious, hydration can be overlooked.